We educate students to be skilled professionals who can create winning and marketable designs!

We have a special industry-collaborative educational system that trains students to become creative professionals in a variety of fields including graphic design, illustration, manga, gaming, CG, animation, accessory design, interior design, and car design. From the first year, through corporate projects in particular, students gain experience via assignments in developing products for commercial release. Since the opening of the school, more than 1,300 companies have provided students will such product development experiences. Lecturers, themselves professionals, teach the students the necessary skills and knowledge they will require for their careers. In the three years spent at school, students grow from enjoying design to being a creative designers of saleable and successful products.

Schools in this field

Tokyo Communication Arts
Osaka Communication Arts
(April 2018, Name Change from Osaka Communication Arts College)
Fukuoka Communication Arts
Nagoya Communication Arts
Sendai Communication Arts