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What is the qualification for entrance to school?
International students over 18 years old or who are eligible to study at our college Must have completed at least 12 years of primary and secondary education, and have satisfied one or more of the following:
・Passed the N1 or N2 grade of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT).
・Have a score of 200 points or more on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU).
・BJT 400 points and above.
・Studied Japanese for 6 months or more in a Japanese language program approved by Japan Ministry of Justice.
・Received at least a year of education at a school recognized by Section 1 of the Japan School Education Act (excluding kindergartens)
What kind of examination should we take?
After having paper screening, Japanese examination and interview will be carried. These are the test for essential Japanese language skill to comprehend classes provided all in Japanese. It is equivalent to JLPT N2 level. Students residing overseas will be able to attend interview via Skype.
What kind of questions will you ask in the interview?
At the interview, we ask you some questions to know the motivations to your future aim and occupation to aim at. Those questions are nothing to check your technical knowledge nor technique in accordance with our selection standard.
From what countries are the students coming?
More than 7,880 students from 47 countries are studying in 81 schools of Jikei Group. They are learning Japanese or majoring various specialties, aiming at finding professions in Japan.
When will be the deadline for the application?
Applications will be closed when capacity is reached.
If you are applying from overseas, please contact Jikei COM International Center.
Is it possible to pay the school expenses in installments or make delayed payment?
Basically, the school expenses should be paid at once.
When I do job hunting in Japan, is there any support from the school?
Jikei schools are keeping the network with the strong connection with the industries and affiliated schools spreading out in the whole country, that make available to support students in finding employment in a wide area in Japan.
Providing students the lectures for finding employment measure not to mention job offer information from the industry. Each school's career center plays a key role and backs up the job hunting of the student. Using the strong connection with the industry effectively, our schools offer opportunities such as "Enterprises Briefing Session" or "Internship in the Industries" to the students.
To take the schedule for part time job into consideration, I would like to know the number of the classes in a week, the starting and the ending time of the classes.
There will be 15 90-minute classes in a week. Starting time and ending time of the classes would be different depends on the students' choice of curriculum. Time table of classes will be determined after the orientation to be held in April. We recommend you to consider your schedule for a part time job after the orientation.
Is there any long vacation in a year?
Summer vacation starts around the middle of July until the end of August. Winter vacation will starts around December 20 until January 6. Spring vacation will starts around in the beginning of March until the end of March.
I will be away in home country during the spring vacation. When will the school starts?
The entrance ceremony will be held in the middle of April and the orientation for freshmen will be held.
I will enter to your school from April. But my visa will be expired in the middle of March. How can I take procedures for renewing my visa?
After getting an acceptance letter from the school you will enter, the school will also issue evidence for enrollment. Then you can go into the procedure to renew your visa.
Does the school mediate the part-time jobs?
You can get the information of part-time job related to the school's specialty or others on the bulletin board at school.
How does the international students do the activities for finding jobs in Japan?
At school, career center will provide students various occasions for finding jobs such as “Enterprises Briefing Session" or other individual assistance in accordance with the students' purposes.
Do I have to participate to National Health Insurance?
Yes. The participation to National Health Insurance is required. The National Health Insurance member can have a medical examination at the medical institution of the school tie-up free. However, the medicine should be bought by each client.
Is it possible for foreign students to participate in the overseas training held out side of Japan?
Any foreign students may participate the overseas training out of Japan with our support by the school.
What should I do if I cannot get a job until the date of graduation?
We will support you and help you to extend your VISA as to get more interviews during your job hunting.
Can you tell me the steps from application to entrance?
Document Selection >>> Entrance Examination >>> Announcement of Examination Result t>>> Enrolment Formalities >>> Acceptance Letter >>> Purchase of Texbooks & Materials >>> Visa Formalities >>> International Student Guidance (April) >>> Entrance Ceremony (April)
I would like to know how to find a room to rent in Japan.
In each school, the advisory staff (teacher) will support you to find a room. Please feel free to contact admission office of each school or to Jikei COM International Center.
Do I need a guarantor when I rent a room in Japan?
If you want to rent a room in Japan, you need a guarantor. Many International students (non-Japanese resident) actually have trouble finding a guarantor. You need a guarantor to ensure your credit for rental contracts. You may choose a place without asking for guarantor.If you need an emergency contact number, please contact to the office of Jikei COM International Center.
Can you tell me about the procedure for reentry to Japan?
When International students temporarily leave Japan, he or she need the permission from the school, they should hand in a "Notice of Temporary Leave" to the Student Services Section or the Academic Affairs Division (Kuki). Students should not leave the country during the term of classes unless they have special reasons. Under the Special Re-entry permit system, international nationals in possession of a valid passport, visa, resident card who will be re-entering Japan within one year of their departure to continue their activities in Japan, will in principle, not be required to apply for a re-entry permit.
How much attendance rate necessary?
Students who have the current school attendance rate of 80% or more will be entitled to apply the scholarship (upon passing to the next grade). Visa renewal is not applicable if the attendance from the Japanese Language School (in Japan) was not more than 80%.
If there are some uncertain matters about addmission and entry, what shall I do?
We organize guidance seminar from each school, we assist the admission procedures, application and conditions. We consult with them individually. Parents are also welcome to participate. So please contact the entrance office of each school for more information. If you apply direct from abroad, please contact to the office of Jikei COM International Center.
I would like to know more about Trial Class
We do provide Trial Class for all lessons on Sundays and Public Holidays. We also accept appointment from overseas. Please check the each school's homepage to find out more information.
Do you provide lesson for the class of learning Japanese?
One Lesson each week for the school locating in Tokyo and Osaka. International Student may apply for the class as they wish. They divided into few classes for the different standard of the students. The school is helping the students to pass the examination N1 level Japanese, as to help their job hunting better in their employment interview in future.
Can you tell me about double major curriculum?
About double major, all things will be decided in consultation with the teacher in charge in the latter half of semester.
Please tell me what I should be careful about when finding a room to rent.
When you rent a room in Japan, there are some typical Japanese rules. Please be sure to check prior to your arrival in Japan. (For example, you need your residency card when you rent a room.)
How long does it take from finding a room until I can start to live?
It depends on the case and the person. Generally, it takes about 1 week to reside after making contracts with the real estate agency. Before making contracts, you need to consult with them.
Can international students use the online application?
International students in Japan can use the online application system when applying to the Tokyo and Osaka schools. Please check the website of each school for more information.

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