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Foreign Students Residing Abroad

Admission Procedures from Abroad

* If you need help making living arrangements such as finding a dormitory or public housing, you need to notify us beforehand.
* If you are waiting for the result of your Japanese Language Proficiency Test, turn in a copy of your JLPT exam admission slip to us and send us the score certificate when you receive it.
* Please let us know beforehand if you are unable to prepare all of the documents necessary for application by the end of December.

Methods of Application

  • General Selection
    This is available to students whose only preference is this school.
  • A.O. Enrolment
    This is for students whose first preference is this school and who meet the requirements of the school's admission policy.
  • Designated school recommendation
    This system is for those who are expected to graduate from our designated schools and who is the first choice of our school.
    ※Please contact your school directly to find out if your school is a designated school and the criteria for recommendation.

* Please contact the enrolment office at each school for information on transferring to our schools.

Documents Required for Application

  • Application for Admission
  • A Copy of Japanese Certificate by International Recognized JLPT(N1 or N2), EJU(200 scored or above), BJT(400 scored or above
    ※Or Official Graduation Certificate/Transcript/Certificate of Attendance(at least 6 months) are required for students graduated from Japanese Language School "in Japan".
  • A Copy of Graduation Certificate from your last school.(Diploma from High School or Universities.)
  • Expense certificate (bank balance certificate, etc.) and Agreement for defraying expenses of you or your expense sponsor.
  • The relationship certificate of you and your sponsor who is responsible for your expenses.(e.g. Family register certificate, Birth certificate etc.
  • A Copy of your passport
    (Pages with your face photograph and entry stamp)
  • Admission Slip for Screening(Designated by our school)
  • Screening Fee ¥30,000JPY
    (We can accept only Japanese Yen. ※No charge for designated school)
  • Photo for Application (4cm×3cm)×3 copies
    (Photo taken in the last three months)

※If you wish to apply directly from your home country or if you have any questions, please contact the Jikei COM International Center.

the Honor Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Student/Use pre-arrival admission system

  • Eligible Person
    Students who have taken the EJU Japanese test conducted overseas and wish to enroll in a school at Jikei Gakuen.
  • Amount
    48,000 yen per month

Contact Us

Jikei COM International Center

3-14-8 Nishi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 134-0088 JAPAN

TEL:03-5679-5644 FAX:03-3688-6297

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