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Foreign Students Residing in Japan

Methods of Application

  • Japanese Language School Recommendation
    Students who are currently enrolled in a Japanese language school, whose first choice is this school, and who satisfy the following requirements, can use this recommendation system.
    • Has an attendance rate of 80% or higher.
    • Has clear objectives and goals for the future.
    • Has been assessed as having no difficulties studying at our school with regard to Japanese language ability.
  • Designated School Recommendation
    This is a system for students whose first choice is this school and who are about to graduate from a Japanese language school designated by Jikei COM Group.
    * Please contact your school to find out the recommendation criteria and whether it is a designated school.
    • More than 90% attandance rate.
    • Having clear goals and targets and can work hard with passion in the areas they want to move forward.
    • Judged to be unimpeded by study at this school with their Japanese language ability.
  • General Selection
    This is available to students whose only preference is this school.
  • A.O. Enrolment
    This is for students whose first preference is this school and who meet the requirements of the school's admission policy. Students who register for A.O. enrolment can participate in the My School Program and get an insight into the specialist knowledge and skills they will be acquiring, prior to entering the school.

* Please contact the enrolment office at each school for information on transferring to our schools.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must bring all of the following documents to the school. We will inform you of the date for selection, upon receipt of a complete application package.

Documents Required for Application

  • Admission application form (Please use the form designated by our school.)
  • Following certificates from your Japanese language school :
    Student registration certificate
    School transcript / Student attendance certificate
    * An applicant who has passed the N2 level of the JLPT, or who scored 200 points or more on the EJU, or who scored 400 points or more on the BJT must provide a copy of the respective certificate.
  • Graduate verification or a certificate from a school you recently graduated from, such as a high school or a university.
  • Documents certifying the ability to pay expenses
    ・A Copy of your Japan bankbook(all pages)
    ・Documents that can confirm the remittance or a copy of bank blance certificate of your expense sponsor.
    ※If you have parttime job experience in Japan,you may need to sumit additional document.
    ・Agreement for defraying expenses of your expenses sponsor(Please use the form designated by our school)
  • Copy of residence card (both sides)
  • A copy of passport(Pages with your face photograph & entry stamp)
  • A copy of your National Health Insurance Card(Both Sides)
  • Admission Slip for Examination
  • Screening Fee\30,000 (No screening charges for the applicants recommended by the designated schools)

◎ Applicants must bring all of the above documents, numbers 1 to 9, to the school personally. Those living far from the school, please contact us.
◎ Documents submitted and examination fee will not be returned.

Screening of application materials
After the application documents are submitted, we will notify you of the date for the Japanese language exam and interview.
Entrance examination
Please arrive 15 minutes early on the designated day. Latecomers may not be permitted to sit at the examination. There will be a Japanese language test and an interview.
Announcement of examination results
You will be informed of your examination result within one week by mail. We will not respond to telephone enquiries.
Enrolment formalities
We will send you a notice concerning the passing of the entrance test and a letter concerning payment of school fees to the address specified in your application form. Please pay your school fees by the specified date.
Acceptance letter
Once we have received confirmation of payment of your school fees, we will issue an acceptance letter. Please retain it until your student identification card is issued.
* Once payment has been made, we cannot refund school fees, lesson fees, or any other payments.
Purchase of textbooks and materials
We will send you a list of the textbooks and materials that you need to purchase at the beginning of March. Please pay for these by the 25th of March.
* Payment by installments or delayed payment is not allowed for textbook and materials fees.
VISA formalities
Please complete visa formalities before the opening ceremony. (Students who currently possess a visa which has not expired do not need to renew the visa prior to beginning their studies. )
New student guidance (April)
Each course will have guidance sessions and hand out textbooks for new students.
International student guidance (April)
Guidance sessions will be held for international students regarding visas, student life.
Entrance ceremony (April)
You will be notified of the date of the entrance ceremony by mail.

Online Application

The Tokyo and Osaka schools accept online applications. Please check the website of each school for details.

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