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Our Six-Point Educational System

At the Jikei COM Group, we have a six-point industry-collaborative educational system.

Industry-Collaborative Educational System

We receive support from many companies and creators in the industry. We begin with a foundation of input in the form of currently active instructors and corporate projects. This helps us to create a curriculum that will train students to be effective assets in the workplace. From their first year, students will work on many practical assignments. In their graduation year, they will participate in work experience and internships with related companies. Learning professional careers in the professional workplaces from professionals. That is our Industry-Collaborative Educational System.

Corporate Projects

Industry-collaborative projects are conducted all year round, with students receiving assignments and requests from companies in related industries. It is a program unique to the Jikei COM Group and is highly regarded by the industry. Students have a valuable opportunity to learn about professional careers by gaining work experience in the workplace, whilst enrolled at the school. By polishing their practical skills and exploring their imaginations, students will become talented professionals that can be immediately effective in their chosen field.

Ferrari S.p.A. Ferrari Project

"Ferrari: New Concepts of the Myth"
Designer: Daisuke Nagasato
Modeler: Kim Tae Kyung
CG: Takaaki Yakubo

Bone Marrow Transplant Campaign Musical "Gateway to Tomorrow"

Students are in charge of planning and production and take part as performers, staff and managers. This project uses all of our students' abilities and is a big event, attracting more than 120,000 spectators since the first performance.

Super Dogs Carnival

This is one of Japan's largest canine events to which people can bring their own dogs. Our students take part as event staff and are responsible for most of the event's management.

International Skating Union, Japan Skating Federation, COMNET Corporation

"ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2007" Official logo designed by Chika Hashizume TCA student Ms. Hashizume's design was chosen over those from major advertisement agencies.

Special Industry Seminars

These seminars feature professionals at the top of their fields. The content of each lecture is of an extremely high level (higher than the regular curriculum), and has been highly evaluated by peers in its respective industry. The goal upon completion of the seminar is to possess professional level abilities and aim for a high-quality career or debut.

The Road to Making a Living on Royalities

The Road to Making a Living on Royalities

Providing songs for artists and commercials and debuting professionally while still in school.
This project gives students aspiring to become lyricists, songwriters, arrangers, or sound creators the opportunity to provide songs and other services to professional artists. Students write original songs and present them to representatives from companies and recieve personal guidance. Our school also holds exclusive auditions each year.

Advanced Graphic Design Seminar

Our vice-principal, Mr. Masanori Shinozuka has created many designs, most notably the logo for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. During your first year of his seminar, you will learn the basics and methods of design in general and logos design in particular. In the second year, you will work on practical assignments. Third-year students will combine their work into a portfolio that will be used to help them obtain employment.

International Dance Seminar

Ms. Shawnette Heard
Shawnette is a world-class dancer who has worked with Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. She is currently one of our educational advisors and produces and directs a performance for "We Are!", an exhibition of the students' work. In addition, several other world-famous dancers have visited the school to teach our students.

Bridal Florist Seminar

At the Eco Flower Shop, which is run by the students at school, we receive orders for wedding flowers from regular customers. The students are involved in every step, including having meetings with the customer and preparing the wedding bouquet and floral arrangements for the venue.

Fujimura Car Design Seminar

Mr. Fujimura worked on exterior design for the Civic and numerous other car models at Honda R&D and is currently the president of Epsilon Co. Ltd.. He will personally instruct students in the creation of products that conform to the design processes and requirements for corporate projects.

Internship (Work Experience)

In their final year, all students who wish to be employed will participate in a 2-4 week internship in the field of their choice as part of the Industry-Collaborative Curriculum. Many students receive an early job offer, and this is reflected in our high rate of graduate employment.

Double Major Curriculum System

We have prepared a curriculum that allows each student to study according to their goals and desired career.Students are also able to take classes at other majors, broadening their range of skills.

Overseas Study Programs

Students experience the world's finest training in creative arts, nature, music, show business, and film at our affiliated schools overseas. Studying overseas helps students refine sensibilities in "specialized skills" and "international awareness." By experiencing various things outside Japan, students can broaden their perspectives in countries such as U.S., Italy, Australia, and France.

Employment & Debut System

We support students from the time of their enrollment by giving them employment advice, holding corporate information sessions and exhibitions, and assisting students to get preliminary job offers. As students in the music and manga courses will strive to make their professional debut, we hold auditions at the schools and ask editors from many well-known publishers to evaluate students' work in order to advise them individually on how to make their debut.

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