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Jikei COM International Center

"Jikei COM International Center" supports international students' school life.

What is Jikei COM International Center?

7,576 international students have graduated since the establishment of our school system. Today, they actively work throughout Japan and the rest of the world. Jikei COM Group set up the "Jikei COM International Center" as the general information office for international student affairs. Full-time staff will support you from entrance to graduation, including enrollment application, visa application(s), school expenses, scholarships, finding a residence, and advice for living in Japan. This help should greatly relieve any concerns about living and studying in Japan.

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Support Offered

■Enrollment Consultation
Many "Study in Japan" briefing sessions and consultations are held domestically (in Japan) and internationally.
■Visa Application Support
Full-time staff will support you as you apply for resident eligibility, change visa status, or apply for a new visa.
■International Student Support
We will provide the necessary support so that you can have a safe life in Japan.
・Introducing dorms and private housing
・Special scholarship for international students
・Language support after enrollment
■Our schools have collaborative education agreements with universities and colleges abroad. Credit exchange programs and internship programs are also available.
■Event Management
We hold events such as "International Day" to give international students from different colleges or majors in our group an opportunity to interact with each other.
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