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Keiseikai Clinic

Keiseikai Clinic will support you in a healthy and enjoyable school life!
We have reliable school doctors at our affiliated clinic!

If you are a student of the Jikei Group, many check-ups and treatments are provided free of charge under our student discount system! The applicable departments are internal medicine, clinical medicine and dentistry. Please visit us any time for all of your physical and mental health needs. If you are enrolled in a Jikei Group college, you will be eligible for the student discount, so you won't pay anything if it is covered by your health insurance. Even if you live alone or with your parents, please see us for your everyday health needs. Students can come to our clinic even when a problem is not urgent. Keiseikai Clinics are conveniently located in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka to support your student lifestyle.

The benefits of the Keiseikai Clinic!

【POINT1】You will not pay anything if it is covered by your health insurance!

The Keiseikai Clinic is our affiliated clinic. As we have a student discount system, you will not need to pay anything if it is covered by your health insurance.

【POINT2】You can have a health check-up once a year.

It is important to have regular check-ups so that any medical problems can be detected and treated early. Student check-ups are conducted at the clinic once a year.

Our medical departments

Internal Medicine / Clinical Medicine
Please come see us when you have a cold, diarrhea, constipation or upset stomach. You can also seek advice for mental problems such as stress.

When you have dental problems, they can also affect your overall health. We recommend that you come to see us as soon as possible if you feel discomfort, so you can enjoy your time at school.

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