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Career Support System

We provide unwavering career support through our direct pipeline
to industry and our strong network.

Jikei COM career centers provide complete career support for students seeking employment, including substantial listings of employment opportunities collected from industry as well as job search preparation classes. We help students find employment through job fairs, corporate internships, and other methods only available at our schools with our direct pipeline to industry.

The Path to Employment

"Our Career Center Employment Support System"guides students along the path to certain employment.

Career Center Back Up.
Through our superior curriculum, which gives students the skills and techniques they need to become in-demand professionals, as well as our job search preparation classes and other methods, we help students navigate the path to employment.

Career Support System
Individual Counseling

Career Center staff provide individual counseling.

Career center staff are here to address student concerns and provide advice and counseling on topics such as job aptitude and courses as well as assess improvements in student levels.

Job Search Preparation Classes

Thorough instruction is provided on topics such as writing resumes and proper manners.

Career centers provide comprehensive guidance for job seekers including resume writing, interviewing, proper dress, and how to approach the companies you wish to work for.

Job Search Seminar

At job search seminars, we provide job hunting know-how.

We explain trends in the job market, help students create a job search plan, and provide them with additional know-how essential for receiving a job offer from companies.

Job Search Kick-Off Rally

A Place for Renewing Job Search Resolve

The job search kick-off rally is an opportunity for job searchers to get together and learn about the activities of graduates or listen to industry representatives and strengthen their job search resolve.

Creating a Portfolio

Career center staff provide individual advice.

We teach students how to create a portfolio which will effectively demonstrate their capabilities and strengths during interviews.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews help students understand their weaknesses and prepare for the actual interview.

We conduct role plays which recreate authentic interview conditions. We help students with their greetings and check their answers to questions in minute detail.

Job Fair

Company representatives talk about their companies and also evaluate student works.

Over 100 top companies from industry visit our schools directly. You can meet with representatives from a number of companies in one day.

Corporate Internships

Gain on-site work experience before you graduate.

Job seekers take part in one-month internships with participating companies. This is a valuable opportunity for students to experience what a job is like as well as the sense of urgency of the workplace, which cannot be learned at school. Many students receive job offers from the companies where they intern.

Job Search
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