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Employment Results

We support each student to get the job and to find the workplace in which they can make the most of their abilities and talent.

1. There are reasons for our schools having so many employment offers.

The number of employment offers received at our schools is over 11,000 per year. We have a networked support system which shares all of the employment offer information from every region of the country between our group schools. This means that you can find the job you really want in the area you want to work in. In addition, we invite corporations and hold in-school corporate information sessions a couple of times a year. Many corporations and facilities that want to hire students with "real abilities" rather than just the academic qualifications are very interested in our students. We have more than 2,250 corporations and facilities visiting our schools per year. Some companies hold interviews during the corporate information sessions, and many of our students receive job offers.

Recruitment officers from your dream companies will come to Jikei COM Group schools to meet you!

2. Do your internship while in school.

We have an internship (work experience) system in place with corporations and facilities, by which you can experience the actual job for which you are studying. You can do internships at several companies to help you find the job and workplace of your liking. The companies and facilities where our students have internships are the representative of their industries as a whole. Since its establishment in 1987, the Jikei COM Group has sent many of our students into the industry of their choice. This is proof that those students are well received and their achievements are recognized by the industry. There are also many cases where students receive job offers from the companies they had had their internships with.

3. We fully support you to find employment.

From the time of your enrollment through to graduation, our career centers work constantly to help you find the job of your dreams. At each school's career center, there are full-time staff with a deep knowledge of the related industries. These staff members will give you information about corporation information sessions, internships, and job hunting. They will listen to your worries and give you advice until you find the job you really want. They will also instruct you in writing your resume, how to sell yourself at interviews, how to make portfolios, how to dress appropriately, and in business manners. Upon enrollment, you will be given an ID number. Using that, you can check on all of the employment offers with the school's network.

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