International Student Interviews

Dance & Vocal Major. Mr. Suergio (from Peru). Debuted as a dancer at Budokan and the NHK Year-end Grand Song Festival (Kohaku Utagassen)! He is the center of attention being a striking dancer with Planchime Productions..

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduated in: 2009
  • ■Place of Employment: Chicanos Planning PLAN CHIME
  • ■Job Title: Dancer
  • ■Type of Business: Music production office
How I obtained this career
While in school, I participated in many corporate projects including the PLAN CHIME project. For the first PLAN CHIME audition, I stopped being nervous and danced thinking that this was the only chance I had. For the 2nd audition, I believed I would definitely pass and I enjoyed dancing, and I passed! I believe I was able to overcome various barriers because of my day-to-day efforts, strong will to become a professional dancer, and more than anything else, my love for dance.
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