International Student Interviews

TV Production / Cameraman Major. Mr. Kang (from South Korea). Completed a camera assistant internship with both Mainichi and Asahi Broadcasting. His skill and ability led to a job offer.

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduated in: 2009
  • ■Place of Employment: Terry Limited.
  • ■Job Title: TV & Movie Cameraman
  • ■Type of Business: TV program production and image technology
How I obtained this career
The reason I came to Japan was to acquire new broadcast techniques in Japan. After I came to Japan, I attended a Japanese language school for 2 years and then entered OSM. At first, I was the only international student in my major, so I felt worried and anxious sometimes. But my Japanese friends are very nice and talked with me often, I was able to have a fun school life. I acquired techniques as well as communication skills through the production of dramas and musicals. School life was busy and hard sometimes, but it was very productive.
For the internship program, I worked as a camera assistant at Terry Limited., which is a subcontractor of TOTSU Company. I participated in producing TV programs such as "Samurai Chuto" and "Chichin Puipui" on the Mainichi Broadcasting System, and "Ohayo Asahi Desu" and baseball and golf live telecasts with the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. I was able to make use of my knowledge and techniques I acquired at school during my internship, and it led to me receiving a job offer. From now on, I will utilize my knowledge acquired at OSM and do my best as a cameraman.
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