International Student Interviews

Animation course

Mr.Wito (From Indnesia)
An equation which leading to your result 「Time+Effort= Your ability」

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: FY2013
  • ■The name of employment company: Dimps Corporation
  • ■Type of work : CG designer
【Journey to employment】

3 years ago , I participated in open campus of OCA then I felt the school suited me so I decided to enter. I tried to have communication with teachers actively and doing preparation and review propery as well to be a creator who makes the best entertainment. There was hospitality class which teaching the secret of success at OCA .It was very important seminar for me. In the 2nd year ,I met the Dimps Corporation during job fair then I sympathized with the principle of that company that is to make the world pleasure and impress therefore I thought that was the best place for improving my ability. I received a job offer from them because I started doing a job hunting early and that the teachers supported for me so much. I heard that there are the next generation technology research and development devision so I want to participated in a game production of Haiento with newest technology which is be able to create the game of multiplatform. I want to acquire professional skills there then I'm going to do my best at the cutting edge of CG entertainment. What I want to tell younger members who will enter the college to aim at working in the industry is the result changes whether how long you take time and an effort for your favorte thing. 「Time+Effort= Your ability 」,that's a plain equation to lead to your future.Good luck to all.

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