International Student Interviews

Dolphin trainer course

Ms.Mun (From Korea)
For my dream

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: FY2013
  • ■The name of employment company: Lotte World
  • ■Type of work : Dolphin trainer
【Journey to employment】

Although I have bred penguins and fishs at aquarium of Busan in Korea , I wanted to know more about creatures of aquarium that's why I entered Osaka Communication Arts College. At first , I wished to get in aquarist course but I thought that learning about not only fishes but also marine mammal was important so I chose the dolphin trainer course. I learnt plenty of things through the school's classes and the training in various places. At late in the first grader, new aquarium built at Lotte world in Korea then I heard that they would recruit a dolphin trainer so I sent my resume to them. After that I took interviews twice and then I received a job offer. Now I'm training a beluga trainer as an internship at Lotte world. To be able to work not only the breeding but also operation ,I'm now doing a work of whole aquarium until it opens.I'm 34 years old so starting was later than others that's why I had an anxiety all the time but it was wrong. I learnt that if I work hard towards my dream ,it would come true certainly. I'll do my best and not forget original intentions to be a professional dolphin trainer from now on.

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