International Student Interviews

Chef course

Mr.Du (From China)
The first step towards my dream

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: FY2013
  • ■The name of employment company: madison restaurant(Shanghai)
  • ■Type of work : Chef course
【Journey to employment】

I'm thinking of producing a restaurant myself which provides a variety of dishes focusing on Japanese food in local China. Therefore I thought that there were chances which learning a wide range of dishes, as well as this, wanted to work in an environment where would be recognized the ability so I decided to work at the current company. At Fukuoka Culinary , I got the basic skills propery ,also I could learn focusing on Japanese food which is my interesting one the most. It was quite usuful during a job hunting . Futhermore, it was great experience that I learnt from Kitchen chef who has been work history for 40 years at the company where I worked as an internship. What I thought that is interesting to learn in Japan is for example , the taste of Chinese food is totally different between Japan and China although that's the same dish. I want to learn more the difference like that because the taste of other dishes varies depending on each countries as well.

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