International Student Interviews

CG creator major

Mr.Leow (From Malaysia)
I learned the importance of communication skills

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: FY2013
  • ■The name of employment company: Digital Frontier Inc.
  • ■Type of work : CG designer
【Journey to employment】

At TCA I learned many things. I think the most important is communication skills.
Specifically the game companies often do the work in a team. I was able to learn many skills pertaining to a team production. As part of TCA's job hunting support, the company seminars left the biggest impression on me. Through carefully inspecting company's one by one and through internships, I was able to find the company that's suits me. The most, TCA helping me take the first step was truly helpful. From now, I will try hard to be able to work together with the top class 3D artists.

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