International Student Interviews

CG creator major

Mr.Wu (From China)
Portfolio's completeness is important

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: FY2013
  • ■The name of employment company: L'espace Vision Co.,Ltd.
  • ■Type of work : compositor
【Journey to employment】

I have been taking interest in foreign movies since I was middle school student ,besides I thought I'd like to create CG and images by myself then I decided to study in Japan which is the most advanced in Asia.The reason why I chose OCA is that has 3-year course and making a strong effort to produce a portfolio therefore the college has a high employment success rate.Not only the classes but also I studied by tutorial on the internet then my technique had improved therefore the level of my works and English had also raised. The company I have gotten a job offer is the post production as a main so I preffer composite to 3DCG that's why I chose the company.The most impressive thing as a post production is that they create the process from receiving shooted images to reach a theater within the company. In the future, I want to give an amazing movie to the world putting a team together as a chief compositor.

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