International Student Interviews

Movie Drama Production Course

Mr.Christopher (From Indonesia)
Experiences in Professional Practical Field has led to Business Talks!

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: FY2016
  • ■The name of employment company: Brains,Inc.
  • ■Type of work : Cameraman
【Journey to employment】

Since I decided to go to a professional training college which emphasizes on on-site technology usage, I selected Osaka Broadcasting Arts College immediately upon seeing the school. While studying at the college, I learnt 5 important skills lighting, arts, cameras etc. from the professionals and learnt that communication is the most important aspect in the field as there are many people who meet there for the first time. When I startd job hunting, the movie company was not hiring, but there was a lot of freelance jobs and began looking for TV-related jobs and started as the Brenden's photography assistant as a part time job advised by career center's teacher. I showed great desire for a full time position in Japan I was able to secure an interview after 3 months. I also wanted to learn the different parts from the movie industry such as TV cameras and TV screenwriting and get into a career. To all my juniors I recommend to hold strong and strive for our goals without giving up and to take up all the experiences and challenges that are on offer. I am also planning to have a career in the future, and want to be involved in the work of a Japanese Movie Production and I think this experience would be essential for film production in Indonesia.

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