International Student Interviews

Animal Physiotherapy Course

Mr.Zhong (From Taiwan)
Do what you love and get the job you desire!

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: FY2016
  • ■The name of employment company: Jurassic Exotic Animal Hospital
  • ■Type of work : Animal Nurse
【Journey to employment】

At Osaka College of ECO and animals, I have been working very hard for 3 years. Apart from the classes, I have also been involved in the overseas training in Australia, which heled me expand my horizons while gaining practical knowledge and I also emphasized on my study qualifications. Thanks to that, my Japanese has improved considerably and I was able to realize the strength that is gained if I devote myself to what I like.
After returning to Taiwan in the second week of October, I was able to train at Jurassic Exotic Animal Hospital and successfully receive a job offer. Sine this hospital trats animals other than dogs and cats as patients, I get to work with a lot of different animals. I believe that I should not forgt my passion while studying and I will do my best to become a reliable animal nurse.

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