International Student Interviews

The element of ballet is imperative to all types of dance. At school, I'm learning ballet (classical dance), tap dance, hip hop dance, jazz dance and many types of dance systematically. 90% of my classmates are Japanese and there are only 5 international students. The lessons are taught in Japanese, but I can communicate with my classmates through dance. I'm having a great school life here.

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduated in: 2009
  • ■Place of Employment: ELOAKS Limited.
  • ■Job Title: Event Planner
  • ■Type of Business: Event planning and production company
I was able to obtain employment at an event planning and production company, which was my long-term goal.
How I obtained this career
In South Korea, I majored in Japanese in university and I volunteered at live stage performances, which gave me an opportunity to work for a live performance production company after I graduated. I worked there for 3 years, then I decided that I wanted to acquire technical knowledge that I can use in the workplace. That is why I decided to study in Japan. From amongst many colleges, I chose OSM because of Osaka's quality of life and OSM's achievements in the industry. For the practical production lessons, I was able to practice planning and event management a lot through various types of events such as live stage performances, musicals and graduation exhibitions. I was able to make full use of the experiences gained from these opportunities. In addition, I had many opportunities to make connections in the industry through participating in in-school and off site music events with professionals active in the industry. Thanks to these experiences, I was offered a job from an event planning and production company, where I had volunteered as event management staff. I am thankful to OSM for making it possible for me to obtain employment in Japan.
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