International Student Interviews

Game Graphics and Character Major

CHIANG (From Taiwan)
Got a job offer from my dreamed game company,

  • ■Graduation Fiscal year: AY2018
  • ■The name of employment company: CRAFTS & MEISTER Co., Ltd.
  • ■Type of work: Designer
【Journey to employment】

When I started looking for a job, I was very worried about whether I could get a job offer. However, I did my best to find a job with the support of my teachers. Finally, I was able to get a job offer from the Japanese game company I had dreamed of. I was really happy! Originally, I wanted to work as 2D designer, but as I studied various things at school, I've interested in 3D and studied 3D mainly. So I think that's what led me to this job offer. I was very nervous at the job interview, but the interviewers were also happy to see me, and I was able to talk at my own pace. I wanted to work for a company with such a good environment, so I was really happy when I've got a job offer by the company. I'm going to do my best to become a great creator.

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