International Student Interviews

Music Producer Major, Composition & Arrangement Major, Percussion Instruments Major. Ms. Otieno Joselin (from Kenya). Mr. Na Seung Cheol (from South Korea). Mr. Takahiko Maekawa (from Japan). RHYME TYME is a band formed by OSM international students, and debuted to the world through the iTunes Store. We want the world to listen to our music!

Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduated in: Otieno Joselin (from Kenya) and Mr. Na Seung Cheol (from South Korea) in 2008
    Mr. Takahiko Maekawa (from Japan) in 2006
  • ■Debut Name: RHYME TYME
  • ■Type of Business: Musician
About the job
We are multinational world-rock band which consists of Mr. Na (from Korea), Ms. Joselin (from Kenya), and Mr. Maekawa (from Japan). Last year, we recorded our band's first single, "UNDERSTAND." The song was aired on radio in Kenya, and it led to the song coming in number 7 on the Oricon Hit Charts, and was nominated for a Kisima on national broadcasts, which is considered to be a Grammy Award in Kenya. At the OSM Rinken Project, we were recognized by Mr. Rinken Teruya, a pop musician from Okinawa, and we were able to debut our song on iTunes, which is operated by Apple, Inc. Our goal for the near future is to debut from a major label in Japan, but eventually we want to debut in the U.S. so that the people around the world can listen to our music.


Mr. Na has worked extensively in the music industry, both on TV and on radio as a professional musician in Korea. He is an all-around musician who can do everything from writing lyrics to composing, arranging and performing in duets or solo. Joselin, who has the cutest smile, was active as a composer, songwriter and back-up singer for major artists in Kenya. RHYME TYME also performs live in clubs and at events such as the Osaka-King.

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