International Student Interviews

ECO - Horse Riding and Training Major - Mr. Kim (from Korea) - I want to be a famous horse riding instructor and work all over the world.

Employment & Debut

  • ■Year of Graduation: 2008
  • ■Name of Employer: Osaka Riding Association
  • ■Position: Horse Riding Instructor
  • ■Business Type: Horse Riding Club
How I obtained this career
I enrolled in the horse riding and training department at OCA and learned actual horse riding and horse training during practical training at the horse riding park in Tsurumi Ryokuchi. OCA has partnered with many organizations to provide practical training for OCA students. Taking part in practical training helped me to find employment at a horse riding park. I work very hard every day to become a horse-related professional. Fortunately, I have more than 3 years of recognized horse riding experience, including my time spent at OCA. Currently, I am a horse riding instructor for beginners. At this rate, I will continue to improve and will soon become qualified as an instructor for advanced students. I'm doing my best every day and dreaming of becoming a well-known instructor in Korea.
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