International Student Interviews

ECO - Pet Trimmer Major - Ms. Sun (Taiwan) - I'm currently employed at one the biggest companies in the pet industry. In the future, I want to work as the company representative in China.

Employment & Debut

  • ■Year of Graduation: 2008
  • ■Name of Employer: Pet City Co.,Ltd
  • ■Position: International Affairs & Pet Trimming
  • ■Business type: Complete Pet Shop
How I obtained this career
I thought that the pet-related industry would also grow in China, so I decided to enroll in OCA.
I learned about Pet City Co., Ltd at a school career exposition. I had heard that working visas are not given for the pet industry, but thanks to the instructors at the school, I was able find employment. Although I sometimes come up against the language barrier at work, I'm able to put to use what I learned at school, and I really enjoy talking with customers. Our company opened its first store in Peking in 2008 and plans to open many stores overseas in the future. I'm working very hard to eventually become the company representative in China.
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