International Student Interviews


Employment & Debut

  • ■Graduated in: 2010
  • ■Place of Employment: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
  • ■Job Title: Game Designer
  • ■Type of Business: Production/Sales
How I obtained this career
I first met with staff from Capcom at a job fair held at TCA. I was an international student, so I wanted to show them what I can do. I wanted to move toward a culture where games overtake movies, and when I heard them talk about games as a part of culture, I just fell head over heels. I was anxious about looking for a job in Japan, but the staff in the career center were very supportive and helped me relax. The gap between 'ideals' and 'reality' made me almost give up on my dream while I was still in school, but thanks to Hiroki Mafuyu Sensei's lesson 'The Joy of Manifesting Creativity within Restrictions or Boundaries,' I was able to truly experience the pleasure of making things.
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