International Student Interviews


Employment & Debut

  • ■Year of Graduation: 2011
  • ■Name of Employer: TS Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • ■Occupation: Composer
I've got my sights set on being a top composer!
I really wanted to make a go of it in the music world, which I had dreamed of since I was a child, so in the summer of 2008, I decided to study in Japan. After that, I immediately began looking for a school and enrolled in the Shibuya Campus of the Tokyo School of Music without hesitation. Thinking about it now, it was an impulsive decision. But my decision was not a mistake. At the school I learned the latest music production techniques from the foremost instructors. I began bringing the demos I had made to various companies in the latter half of my second year. At the end of 2010, I was given the chance to write the concert intro song for Kinki Kids and succeeded. The following year my CD debut was decided! This year my songs have also entered the Oricon. What I can say to all of you new students is this: "If you really work your tail off, you can make your dreams come true!" Try your best and make your dreams come true!
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