International Student Interviews


Employment & Debut

  • ■Year of Graduation: 2012
  • ■Name of Employer: Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
  • ■Occupation: Car Modeler
How I obtained this career
I studied management at a university in Korea. By chance, I learned about Toyota, the Japanese automobile manufacturer. As I was investigating the company, I developed an interest in Japanese cars and gradually I wanted to work in a job connected with cars. This became my big dream. I knew that I had to acquire advanced skills in Japan and decided to study in Japan as an international student. And so I studied Japanese for 1 year at a Japanese language school and enrolled in TCA. The first little while after I began my studies was very difficult. My Japanese level was quite low, so I couldn't communicate well with my classmates. Not only that but there were only two women in my class. But I had a dream, and I decided that I would just do it, no matter how hard it was. And here I am today. Last year I participated in the Mercedes-Benz Japan Corporate Project. I experienced first-hand the challenges and pressures of working at a car manufacturer. But I gained valuable experience that can't be obtained anywhere else. This was the most difficult experience I've had so far, but it was also the most fun. The project gave me experience, and I received an offer of employment from the company where I wanted to work, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. I think the deciding factor in receiving an offer of employment was my ability to communicate my strong points. When I was doing design practical training, I had my hands full working on my project. But during the presentations, I was able to show who I really was. My dream for the future is to do my very best and become a female chief designer.
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