International Student Interviews


Employment & Debut

  • ■Year of Graduation: 2012
  • ■Name of Employer: Futaba Corporation
  • ■Occupation: Machine Shop Technician
How I obtained this career
I've never studied at a Japanese language school, but I did work at a Japanese machine manufacturing company in China before coming to Japan as an international student. At the time, I admired the advanced technology of the Japanese and decided then to study machine processing right from scratch at a Japanese school. I ran into considerable difficulties leading up to my enrollment in the school. I was finally able to take the first step toward realizing my dream thanks in part to my own determination to study and the support I received from the staff at Jikei COM International Center. I focused on learning the 3 skills of information control, electronic circuits, and machine manufacturing during my 3 years at Tokyo Design Technology Center. I was most interested in machine manufacturing, and I excelled at drafting, assembly, and operating machines. The offer of employment came about through my workshop class at school when I visited Futaba Corporation as part of the course. At the time, I felt that things were somewhat strange, the atmosphere of the factory, the smell, and the people working there. But in the end I felt strongly that I wanted to work in a place just like that. I told the instructor of my machine manufacturing class how I felt, and he arranged an introduction to Futaba Corporation. I was nervous during the interview, but I did my best to communicate that I really wanted to work there to the company. I was delighted when I received an offer of employment from Futaba Corporation. I'm very grateful to my teachers and the school for giving me this opportunity. I want to learn the essential communication skills and professional etiquette of professionals before I start working at the company. I'll do my very best to quickly become a productive member of the team at Futaba.
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