International Student Interviews


Employment & Debut

  • ■Year of Graduation: 2012
  • ■Name of Employer: Berry Cruze Co.,Ltd
  • ■Occupation: Pet Concierge
How I obtained this career
 Japan has the most advanced pet industry of all the countries in Asia, which is what made me decide to study in Japan. I knew that Japanese people have very special feelings for the pets they spend their live with, so I wanted to come to Japan and get to know Japanese people and study.  I chose Osaka Communication Arts College because I could study animal nursing social welfare, which I couldn't do in Korea. I acquired the knowledge of a veterinary nurse in the Animal Nurse and Welfare Major as well as animal welfare skills for soothing clients directly in the workplace, which was an excellent learning experience.  I began searching for a job in March of my second year and received an offer of employment from Berry Cruze Co.,Ltd this February. The company does not have a branch in Korea right now, but my goal is to open a branch in Korea after I join the company. It is unusual for a man to study nursing. But I want to use my skills to take care of the dogs who are members of customers' families in order to create wonderful memories for customers. At the same time, I want to use my nursing skills to provide advice. I also have a personal interest in Eastern medicine, so I want to work very hard to create memories of customers and their dogs. There is a chance I can work overseas at Berry Cruz Co.,Ltd in the future, so I want to do my best to make that into a reality.
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