International Student Interviews


Employment & Debut

  • ■Year of Graduation: 2012
  • ■Taking on the challenge of internships as well
  • ■Assistant Event Producer
How I obtained this career
I was incredibly thrilled when I saw a Japanese artist's concert when I was a university student. I became interested in event production after seeing this concert. I worked for a few years after I graduated from university, but I never gave up on my dream of event production and enrolled at the Osaka School of Music.  At first, I wanted to make music, so I enrolled in the Composer Debut Course. However, after I started my second year and began thinking about a lot of different things, such as looking for a job, I became interested in management and event planning and switched to the Fan Club Staff Course. So I started searching for employment in earnest at the end of the summer break in my second year. I began my job search later then other second year students, but I was very proactive and put together a resume as I consulted with my instructors. And so I met a representative from the company ACT-21 at a job fair and was given a chance to take part in an internship. At the company they graciously taught me the process, from office work to event production, and often brought me out into the field. I think this experience has given me skills I can put to use as soon as I start working. After my 2-month internship, I received an offer of employment. Treating even the smallest opportunity as important and never giving up will surely lead me down the path to realizing my dream. I want to do my best to get more experience in the future and produce many successful events.
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