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Facilities and Equipment

What time are the school facilities and equipment available for use?

At the Jikei COM Group schools, we have in place an environment where students can use the latest equipment at their convenience. We believe that it is important for our students to use professional equipment and be in a professional environment, in order for them to become professionals who are work-ready. Enjoy learning in the facilities and classrooms that can be used 24 hours a day!
※Facility hours vary at different schools and periods.
※This has been suspended at the moment due to COVID-19.
※Photographs are examples. Facilities and equipment vary from school to school.


Program Practice Room

There are classes such as security and various programming languages. Introduced software is various so you can use both by learning applications.

Fabrication Lab

There is not only the machine tool but also the tool for assmbly and material processing too.

Web・App Practice Room

As well as program and web-related classes such as application development, there are also creative software installed, so you can do a variety of tasks.


Game Development Lab

There are classe such as game engine 「Unreal Engine4」「Unity」.

Professional Gamer Room

This is Japan's first dedicated room to train talent in the e-sports industry and in the pro-gammer industry. You can use this room to learn not only about game practice lessons by playing famous games, but also game live coverage, event planning and technical skills.

e-sports Room

This room is fully equipped with the latest and greatest gaming PCs and devices.

Voice actor/Actor/Movie/TV

Dubbing・Sound editing room

We provide the facilities and equipment of all involved in the "sound-making" such as Mixing Room, Dubbing / Foley studio and an announcement booth.

TV Studio・Sub-control Room

A large set of TV studios, which can be used in conjunction with sub-control rooms to provide a hands-on experience in recording TV programs. The sub-control room, adjacent to the studio, is equipped with cutting-edge equipment to deliver instructions to the studio and control video, audio and lighting.

The first studio

Photography studio is assembled a full-fledged set
Full-fledged studio that allows shooting of the movie, and recording of television programs. A large set is also available in a large space that was to blow-up to 2F, also production and movie companies to use in practice.


Mac room

Mac is the mainstream in the design industry!
We provide the MacPro which is used the most in the design industry.You do an advertising work of poster production and Web design production using 「Illustrator」「Photoshop」「inDesign」「Dreamweaver」「Flash」.

Animation room

It is available to product the degital animation all like RETAS STUDIO, 3ds MAX, Maya, After Effects, the Final Cut Pro, to 3DCG animation and VFX from 2D animation. Such as original and animation also corresponds to the digital drawing by pen tablet.

CG Room

We carry 「MAYA」 which is used in Hollywood.
You can learn the world-class technique using the professional equipment specification which is also used in the real of VHX video,Hollywood.

Illustration・Animation room

It is possible to working on a PC such as hand-painted work and digital processing capture the picture drawn by hand too.

Media Center

There are more than a few hundred of the latest anime goods. From inventory management to sales, you'll learn practically. Furthermore, you can learn about planning and developing new goods in cooperation with companies.

Art Studio & Seminar Room

Drawing, copying and expressing are animator's basic abilities. A drawing room and an art studio are fully equipped to cultivate observation skills such as the natural scenery and the structure of a building necessary for the drawing ability like background art and etc. You can freely use materials and tools such as an air brush and an electric saw as well as various materials and paints depending on the purpose, including stone powder clay for figure and modeling clay for clay animation.


Live practical holl

It's the same degree of perfection as live holl professional use!
Live Hall to conduct the audition and live. All of equipment such as audio and lighting are being used in the field of professional. It is a lab that you can learn in the same way as actual field experience and knowledge of the various operations for students seeking a concert staff also, a place of the stage performance for students who aim to artists.

Pro tools studio

Operation is simple because of easy-to-understand structure.It has been a favorite to musicians around the world.
Studio equipped with many features as a professional music production system.

Dance studio

You can take lessons with a lot of people at the same time in such a big studio.
Major feature is laid on the floor the entire surface of special material suitable for dance, it has a structure that will not hurt my hip and leg.


Chapel practical room

To Chapel atmosphere from the interior have been reproduced just like the real thing.

Dress practical room

You acquire the ability to choose the wedding dress, color dress and fitting of the kimono that suits the most two of you.

Bar・Sommelier practical room

Reproduced the bar counter with full-fledged atmosphere. Through training on the bar, students practice the food and beverage services, such as sommelier and bartender as well.


Café practical room

To be able to open a cafe feel free, offer such as kitchen,seats,showcase and Cash desk.

Espresso maker

Espresso machine to be used in the classroom of coffee also equipped.

Cooking practical room

Facilities such as machines for pasta and stove also full specification. It is a lab just like a professional kitchen.

Animal/Pets/Marine Animal

Trimming room

You will learn the correct technique of trimmer extensive training in a variety of dog species.
Professional trimming rooms are 3 rooms. In each classroom, table, steamer, shampoo basin have been installed. To be less the danger as dog may walk the classroom, all power supply is attached to the ceiling.

Nursing practice room・Operating room

Getting used to the job site will be confident as an animal nurse.
Make the sterilization of dogs and cats in the operating room on the campus.

Bleeding practical room

Breeding of animals is rota system.
You will look forward to seeing them.

We are breeding and management in practice such as mainly in small animals, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

Health/Sports/Medical/Total beauty

Esthetic practical room

So that students can active as a professional esthetician immediately after graduation, adopted the equipment to suit the scene.

Make・Nail practical room

Equipment to learn firmly techniques of makeup and nail well equipped.

Acupuncture practical room

Students acquire here the techniques to become acupuncture, moxibustion.