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About Jikei COM Group

At Jikei COM Group colleges,
you can ″show your true colors″
while studying for your dream job.

Jikei COM Group School Corporation's Missions


Through vocational education, our colleges train professionals who can contribute to society.

Through innovation, people progress and create a prosperous future for us all. It is our goal to provide an environment where students can express the range of their inner creativity. Having this freedom to shine gives happiness to us and those around us. Wouldn't it be wonderful to move people's souls, contribute to society, and show your true colors through work that you love? We think so! Jikei COM Group School Corporation is a group of colleges that constantly evolve to stay on the cutting edge of industry. We provide training that fosters richness of creativity and a compassionate outlook within the industry.

The place where you polish your skills to make your dream comes true: Jikei COM Group.

Since its establishment in 1987, approximately 140,000 students graduated from Jikei COM Group colleges, and have become active professionals in their fields.

Since its establishment in 1987, Jikei COM Group has collaborated with many industries, including graphic design, car design, manga, games, animation, technology, music, dance, film, animals, ocean, nature, health, sports, healthcare, confectionery, bread making, cooking, agri-tech, hotel, tourism, airline and bridal. We have trained many professionals through the "industry-collaborative educational system" and sent them forth to work in their fields. "Practical Education" is the basic philosophy of our group. We stress the importance of having a dream. The place where you polish your skills to make that dream comes true: the Jikei COM Group. You can study for more than 1,000 types of work at our colleges. Why don't you join us? We'll find your dream job together!

Jikei COM Group offer many "self-discovery" events (such as open campus, work festival, school briefing sessions, etc.) for you to find your dream and define your goals

Our Three Educational Guidelines
  • Our Six-Point Educational System
  • Corporate Projects
  • Overseas Network