Annual Events in Japan

June: Ajisai

The flower of June: Ajisai (Hydrangea macrophylla)

When people think of June, they think of the depressing rainy season.
The representative flower of the rainy season is the ajisai.
The ajisai is a beautiful light purple, blue,
or pink flower which washes away feelings of gloom.
In Japan there are many temples called Ajisai Temple with ajisai flowers growing on the grounds.
The ajisai flowers growing on the grounds have a certain air and are a sight to behold when in bloom. There are also temples which hold Ajisai Festivals and have events such as haiku or photography contests. Why not take an excursion possible only during this season. Illuminated ajisai flowers are exceptional as well.
Incidentally, in the language of flowers, ajisai means 'fickle,' 'arrogant,' and healthy woman.

Flowers of June